Recent pup commission!

2022.01.21 13:28 proofcrown Recent pup commission!

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2022.01.21 13:28 PowerForce2021 Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection – Launch Trailer

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2022.01.21 13:28 deereboy8400 How many have read Niven's A World Out of Time?

And how does it compare to the bobiverse in your mind?
I enjoyed the bobiverse much more, but Niven's book had some concepts that really tickled the brain and even kind of haunt around in my head decades later.
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2022.01.21 13:28 Watson-Dirt8325 Are we getting a BTS S3 On YouTube?

Are we going to get bts S3 unlisted playlist. If not could someone send me the playlist through dms? If ur a paid member ship?
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2022.01.21 13:28 Zenixx_ Literally never been happier.

Was walking around my school and a guy had walked past me, looked at me and gave me a thumbs up. He told me I had a strong walk and that I look like a cool dude. Im literally so happy right now.
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2022.01.21 13:28 harvard_app Nobody I know goes to Harvard… Anyone tried this? 👇

I just want to talk to someone who’s been there, or is there. I’m honestly shitting myself that even if I applied I’d fail myself out in a week.
Can’t afford college counselling. Literally just need a quick chat to reassure me + ask what it’s like.
Anyways… Did some googling but wanted to know if anyone’s tried these or recommend any? I’ve tried googling and these looked legit. Anyone tried them?
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2022.01.21 13:28 AOkhaos Good timing lol

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2022.01.21 13:28 _ramgab_ Whose life path inspires you?

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2022.01.21 13:28 Freshmesh91 Felt lucky, might delete later

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2022.01.21 13:28 Bladewing_The_Risen Settle an argument with a friend: Who is the most famous wizard in all of history? Harry Potter, Gandalf, or Merlin?

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2022.01.21 13:28 celial [Other] How should I get started on Arena?

Hey guys,
I played years ago a lot on MODO, but apparently Arena is now the new cool thing so I hopped on board.
I'm willing to spend 100 dollars (maybe 200) to get off the ground on gems... how should I spend them? Which packs, how many, etc etc.
I'm looking mainly to play constructed, although I like to draft now and then. I'm specifically looking to build one or two decks I can sink my teeth into and grind ladder, to get really good with.
Any advice?
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2022.01.21 13:28 sixers2021champions Ska nevoj per koment

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2022.01.21 13:28 shvkspeares Breaking the cast made my hair damp???

I literally have no clue what happened but after I diffused my hair to 100% dry and then tried to scrunch out the crunch with a silk headscarf my hair got damp again and the gel became sticky. I diffused again and repeated and the same thing happened though it was less wet this time. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I’m absolutely baffled lol I have low porosity hair, it takes forever to dry and if it’s not actively under running water it frizzes when wet.
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2022.01.21 13:28 TestohZuppa Stefano Borra

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2022.01.21 13:28 HeuristicEnigma Duct taping the plane before takeoff.

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2022.01.21 13:28 sherozeladenjaffry Not everything is a conspiracy, but let’s face it: those who strive for power are also those most likely to abuse it. The correct use of power requires integrity and wisdom, virtues human nature doesn’t come with by default; they are acquired virtues and thus quite rare.

Not everything is a conspiracy, but let’s face it: those who strive for power are also those most likely to abuse it. The correct use of power requires integrity and wisdom, virtues human nature doesn’t come with by default; they are acquired virtues and thus quite rare. submitted by sherozeladenjaffry to TheGreatDeception [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 13:28 Mighty_Cunnus What’s the stupidest mascot that you could bring to a party to represent yourself?

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2022.01.21 13:28 FitzyFarseer Since this sub doesn’t allow questions that are a variation of “is X normal” where should I post that question?

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2022.01.21 13:28 NiceLapis The Mercury Tower in Malta

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2022.01.21 13:28 Legal_Wing Asking for chart

Is there someone who can make a chart for me?
It's David Bowie full Live Aid Performance
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2022.01.21 13:28 LacyCrusty adele x nikocado avocado

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2022.01.21 13:28 Yuuri1405 Eddy and his bangs

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2022.01.21 13:28 Isbot2000 Hourly Wholesomeness

I know this is just a random automated message, but it applies to everyone who sees. No matter what.
You are beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, including yourself.
Just because you dont find yourself beautiful, doesn't mean you are not beautiful.
'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder', there is always someone who thinks you are beautiful.
You are beautiful. No matter what..

beep boop im a bot
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2022.01.21 13:28 DxrkDrXmS9 Graduados de Universidades de modalidad virtual.

Qué tal les fue en ámbito laboral tiene la misma convalidación que la presencial? Me dicen sus experiencias, también cursos virtuales.
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2022.01.21 13:28 MYXXdev [FREE RELEASE] otaDelay - otaDelay / AlternateSU made easy! Update iOS WITHOUT blobs!

[FREE RELEASE] otaDelay - otaDelay / AlternateSU made easy! Update iOS WITHOUT blobs! Introducing otaDelay
otaDelay / AlternateSU made easy!
A 4 step process: No profiles, no manual file modifications, ALL AUTOMATED!


Currently Signed:
14.8 (w/ Alternate SU Patch)

otaDelay will allow you to UPDATE your device via OTA to an iOS firmware that is no longer available for regular users by extending the OTA update windows, enforcing a 90 day software update delay.

Previously, this involved a lengthy process having to install additional tweaks and profiles... Thanks to otaDelay, this can now be done in 4 easy steps.

All available firmware dates are clearly listed within the "Enable otaDelay" prompt.

An optional AlternateSU patch is also available within otaDelay Settings that will allow you to install firmware typically only available to those coming from specific firmwares. For example: As of this writing, this will benefit those coming from <14.5 that would like to update to 14.8 - Without the AlternateSU patch, 15.0.2 will show as the latest update. With AlternateSU enabled, 14.8 will be available to download and install.

Please ensure you read ALL prompts when navigating through the steps!
There's important information given throughout the process!


Step 1: "Apply Supervision Spoofing" - This will place your device into a spoofed supervised status, allowing the delay to take effect upon reboot.

Step 2: "Run OTAEnabler" - This will run OTAEnabler (by nyuszika7h), reversing all commonly used methods that block OTA updates on your device. This will prevent errors from occurring later in the process.

Step 3a: "Enable AlternateSU Patch" - OPTIONAL - This will modify how the OTA servers see your device by modifying the asset audience to that of a device capable of "alternate" software updates.

Step 3b: "Enable otaDelay" - This will enforce the 90 Day Delay on your device.

Step 4: "Reboot" - This will apply / finalize the above changes and REBOOT your device to STOCK MODE.


Support is available via Telegram (preferred) and Discord - Links can be found in otaDelay Settings under "Tweak Support".

A special thanks to u/dhinakG, u/nyuszika7h and u/Tanbeer_191!


Thank you for choosing otaDelay!
♥ MYXXdev™

- Coming soon: The ability to change the delay from 90 days to a custom amount on-the-fly.
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