Könnt ihr beim Sitzen auf einem normalen Stuhl euer Bein so weit hochziehen, dass der Fuß auf der Sitzfläche ist?

2022.01.18 18:59 hannes20001 Könnt ihr beim Sitzen auf einem normalen Stuhl euer Bein so weit hochziehen, dass der Fuß auf der Sitzfläche ist?

Vielleicht eine etwas merkwürdige Frage, ich hab das aber mehrmals bei anderen Menschen gesehen, die das können. Ich selbst hab es noch nie hinbekommen. Bin 1.85m groß
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2022.01.18 18:59 chimieintrenoi Não tenho direito de ficar triste pois tenho uma "vida boa'

Estou cansado de conversar com meus amigos sobre eu estar triste de chegar aos 25 anos sem ter tido nenhum relacionamento e ouvir deles coisas do tipo "ah, mas a sua vida é boa, você tem um emprego, vai ter sua casa própria, vc já terminou a faculdade, sabe quantas pessoas queriam estar no lugar que vc tá agora?".
Acho que eles não entendem que essas coisas não significam nada pra mim, pois não adianta eu ter tudo isso e continuar sozinho, pq eu queria muito ter alguém legal pra dividir momentos comigo, criar memórias juntos, enfim, viver de verdade... sinto minha vida passando e eu somente na rotina casa/trabalho/academia/casa...
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2022.01.18 18:59 Nikko_lv Day 20

I’ve been doing so good but i’ve had a really rough few days and i’m just real sad today. Nothing sounds better than sitting back and making some bets all day i honestly miss it i wanna just numb myself and gamble i don’t even care about winning i just wanna bet. I won’t. but i sure want to :( gotta just get up and remember all i have to be grateful for but fuck it’s hard right now. I work graveyard shift which is already depressing i’m getting money back in my pocket it’s all just so tempting i just needed to get this off my chest somewhere if i keep bottling it i would have blown. i feel a lot better now. 20 days isn’t enough !
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2022.01.18 18:59 newsdk USA og Storbritannien vil indlede toldforhandlinger i denne uge

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2022.01.18 18:59 Double_Fisherman182 J

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2022.01.18 18:59 cmplxgal Steepest COVID-19 surge shows signs of subsiding but Delaware ‘not out of the woods’

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2022.01.18 18:59 casefiless Working with fibromyalgia

Hello, my sister has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 15 years old. Now she’s 20. We share a room at my brothers place. I pay our share of rent and bills due to her not being able to work. However, we have to move out but she says she cannot work traditionally. Does anybody in this subreddit work remote and have advice on how to get started as an entry level?
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2022.01.18 18:59 xH0LLYW000Dx Soo any chance we can see this remastered or say a sequel now?

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2022.01.18 18:59 lanchendesigns Decided to try a new technique with oils while creating nebula. Doesn’t look super realistic but it flows nicely and I like the colors

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2022.01.18 18:59 TheOnlyDarcos Mid-Thirties, Lost and Afraid, Seeking Guidance

Hi Everyone!
I'm hoping to get some advice, my current mentors either cannot help or are in my current industry and their insights, though relevant, are quite subjective.
I'll start out with who I am. I have no education past high school. I started my career in California has a temp handling warranty for an outdoor company, soon after hired to a full time position. In time, I moved onto inside sales and eventually key accounts and sales analyst reporting for the entire company. I was with them for 5 years. The company made me a low offer when negotiating salary and a opportunity arose in my home country, South Africa which I decide to take.
The 2009 economic crisis happened as I did my transition to South Africa, the opportunity disappeared. I was offered a low paying job at a small construction company, in the role as "Contracts Manager" which I did for just over a year. I was then poached by the industry leader (International Group) for double the salary, I did not hesitate. This is where I would say my career really started.
I was with them for 8 years, going from Site Agent, Project Manager, Commercial Manager, Operations Manager and then eventually successfully ran 1 of 2 divisions in the company. I was involved in every aspect of the business, including but not limited to Business Development, Estimating, Project Management, Contractual/Legal, Recruiting/HR, Budgeting (at project level and senior management level), Cash Flow, etc. I felt motivate and excited, and can honestly say, I enjoyed my job, challenges and all.
The other division was not doing well and the economic environment in South Africa was on a downward trend. The group decided to shut down operations in South Africa. This was the hardest thing I have ever done, retrenching majority of the staff I had worked with over the previous 8 years and overseeing a big part of the wind down of the company.
Before the shutdown was made public, I was offered a transfer to the USA group company which I accepted at first. At the same time, I met the love of my life. Her initial visa was denied and I had to choose between her or going to the USA to start my new job. I choose her and I don't regret it for a second, we are happily married for over 2 years now. We started the process of getting my wife a green card which took 22 months. In that time, I consulted to the group I had been working for, for 10 months and was unemployed for the other 12 months.
During the 22 months, the group continuously approached me with opportunity of employment in the USA (including a message from the Deputy CEO of the entire group). Once we arrived in the states, I reached out and was given an offer to start out of a Project Manager, for a trail period of 6 months and on successful integration to the company, a promotion to Operations Manager. I denied the position as I felt it was a step back in my career.
I started applying to new opportunities but not in the construction field. I found construction very challenging and my technical background was very niche. I have always found the financial analyses / strategy side of the business very interesting. I applied for over 20 financial analyst positions and was not invited to a single interview. At the same time, the CEO of my previous groups company in the USA requested a face to face meeting with me and flew out to see me. I appreciated the effort and decided to slip back into my comfort zone and accept the position.
I have been moved to different state since then (North Carolina, which I like) and been with the company for 3.5 months. My boss (the CEO) has said he is happy with my performance and will be promoting me to Operations Manager for one of the territories in early February. Sound like it is going well right? It's not.
The company is in disarray, 7 people have resigned during the time I have been with the company. We are severely understaffed and the staff we do have (with the exclusion of a couple) are the wrong staff. The moral is very low. All projects are behind schedule. There does not seem to be direction and my attempts to ask for or set direction are met with resistance. Even though my boss is saying I am performing, I do not believe I am, at least, not nearly at the level I feel I could.
I would sit on a Sunday night, dreading going to work the next day but try to motivate myself, "I'm going to put much more effort in this week, do my best to solve as many issues as possible and get this territory back on track", then I arrive at the office Monday morning and all my motivation is gone, I feel instantly exhausted. This is affecting me in a huge way; guilt for not putting full effort in and at the same, depressed because I am spending a large portion of my life doing something I do not enjoy.
I need a change and this is where I am struggling to find guidance. I would still like to go into the financial analyst field, I have a "numbers/logical" mind and I feel that is where I would find the most happiness. Given my previous attempts, I obviously do not have the resume to back up entering into a role like that, at least not at the salary level I am currently at ($110k with increase coming). How do I switch career paths and use my previous knowledge and experience to get into a more senior position in an analyst role. Are there any suggested courses I could take that I could add to my resume to make it seem more enticing.
In summary, I want to get out of construction industry but am lost and scared to make the change. Where could I fit in? I'm happy to put in the work outside of my current job and would stay with the current company until I have the ability to shift. I just need some sort of goal to work towards.
Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated.
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2022.01.18 18:59 sgm8464 The smartest person in the room.

Having worked in the financial services space for the last 7 years I believe I have an understanding of who and what we are up against. The resources and brain power we are up against are hard to truly fathom unless you've been involved. Imagine having all the modern day super hero equivalent of thinkers sitting in a room together, to determine course of action for every outcome based on solid data run through models. The company I worked for was a reputable one, but with regards to our opposition, everything is on the table, and extreme measures to us are simply considered a cost of doing business for them. Who's to say they wouldn't crash a world economy to live another day, think about the story you could tell on stage, the legacy which feeds an egotistical narcissist. Sounds dreamy!
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2022.01.18 18:59 jessitlw Struggling snake plant

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2022.01.18 18:59 Piper_Blue Sold guitar on offer up. To "Dave". Two days later Dave is selling it for $170 more. Are you fucking kidding me? Am I the dumb one?

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2022.01.18 18:59 UnreadableSphinx Car mount compatible with the spigen slim armour pro case?

I'm looking to buy a mount for my car so I can use Waze but the designs I've seen look like they won't work with the spigen slim armour pro case. Can anyone confirm this or recommend any mounts which would work? Thanks
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2022.01.18 18:59 Hyperius999 TREY AREA!!!

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2022.01.18 18:59 rokosbasilia Tezos: nonstop censorship & number go down

For those unaware, a huge network upgrade in Tezos failed due to concerns about liquidity baking, a failed experiment which increases inflation. The failed upgrade didn't remove it, hence lack of community support. I tried to provide an honest assessment of the situation on their subreddit, and was censored. Be very careful with Tezos. This was my post:
This post isn't meant to debate the merits of LB or non-LB, but rather to explore the driving force behind the opposition to LB, which I argue, is actually much larger than just LB. I suggest that those opposing LB, causing Ithaca to fail, are more motivated by the broader economics of the XTZ ecosystem, rather than single issue LB voters. Please review the following tweet prior to reading the remainder of my post, as it helps thread a narrative I believe explains the true opposition to LB.
Really, read the tweet, it's pivotal to understanding the psychology behind the opposition to LB, an opposition so intense it caused a network upgrade to fail.
I argue, that the same people that opposed LB so fiercely, would, in fact, be staunch proponents of the same exact proposal if XTZ were >$50. When you dig down into what the opposition is actually saying, this is what it all boils down to. LB isn't actually the issue. The economics of XTZ is the issue. Until we see improvement of this metric, I fear that this faction will become increasingly obstructionist, even to the point of inflicting damage on the network as a misplaced form of retribution.
Recently, we've seen a similar dynamic play out in the eos community. The economics of eos was in a languishing/declining state for a very long time, until elements of the community were able to mobilize other ecosystem participants into taking drastic governance actions. The result? Via governance, the eos community froze the eos foundation's funds. Minority elements of the Tezos community are already suggesting such radical action.
If you didn't read the prior tweet, now is a good time to do so.
The radical, minority faction of the Tezos community that blocked Ithaca is gaining strength and adherents as the economics of Tezos fails to remain competitive the crypto sphere. How much stronger will they be in 6 months, if Tezos economics fail to improve? Will they begin obstructing all network upgrades, or worse, rally for radical action as we saw with eos?
For the strength of the network, it is absolutely imperative that we focus on the economics of Tezos, with future upgrades incorporating mechanisms which directly result in value accrual to XTZ. Failure to do so will result in further fracturing of the community, potentially with unrecoverable detrimental effects.
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2022.01.18 18:59 webmediums Recomendaciones para saber cómo bajar el estrés rápido

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2022.01.18 18:59 trufeats Job at a Resource Recovery Center. What to expect and should I take it?

Good evening everyone.
I've been searching for a job in my area for a while now, and it's been a challenge trying to find a company that will communicate in a timely manner. So far, it seems I have 2 offers.
1st for an amusement park for $18 per hour for 20 hours per week (not enough to pay my bills), about 25 mins away, which changing shift times.
A 2nd for a Resource Recovery Center for $15 per hour for 35-40 hours per week (enough to pay my bills) about 15 mins away, with consistent shift times.
I'm leaning towards taking the Resource Recovery center job, however, this will be my 1st security job. I have no idea what to expect for a Resource Recovery Center?
Do you guys have experience with this kind of location? If so, would you say it's okay to accept this as my 1st security job? I'm really not sure what to expect, how hectic or calm it may be, etc.
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2022.01.18 18:59 smokay-_- What are your guys' other hobbies besides vapcapin' ? I love to build and ride bikes!

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2022.01.18 18:59 Newlywed2021 Miscommunication? Powder struggle?

When I tell my husband that I need to take care of myself first in order to take care of him. If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of him.
My husband said that sound like I don’t care about him, that I don’t take care of him first instead, that I don’t put him first.
What can I say to my husband in english that it’s important for me to take care of myself?
For example, in the morning I like to wake up before him, brush my teeth, eat something quick, make his breakfast and then greet him morning. But in the morning he holds me down to cuddle, I pushed his arm away and said I need to prepare our breakfast, then he would say that I don’t spend time with him. So one time I just stayed and cuddled and he was cranky breakfast wasn’t ready when he was out of bed and ready to eat. So then I pointed it out to him the obvious that we were both in bed. Then he said I set him up by cuddling with him? (In my head I’m like what? He wanted to cuddle, now he wanted food, so my original routine was good then?). When his mom and step dad lived with us, my husband even said his mom always have food. Um hello, she don’t work, and the reason they lived with us was because MIL spent all of her 3rd husband’s money and couldn’t pay for their house anymore so they had to sell quickly and moved in with us temporarily until they bought their own condo. Then MIL decided she wanted to live in a nice house again and manipulated my husband’s brother to buy a big house to take care of mom, which he tried to get them to move but didn’t work and MIL is busy traveling while her spouse works so she don’t have time to live in the house. Finally glad they moved out.
My question is: Is it a miscommunication? Or is it a power struggle for him over me? Or is he just playing, like pretending, in order to make me tick?
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2022.01.18 18:59 Rayofsunshine666 Do I Really have that one in 1 million gaudens coin??

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2022.01.18 18:59 Smokedcheeze Anniversary Dinner suggestions

I’m coming up on my 3 year anniversary with my partner and I’m looking for a nice restaurant to take her to in the Raleigh, Cary, Apex & Holly Spring area.
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2022.01.18 18:59 Bigblue6082 Some of my new arrivals recently, especially love the top two😍

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2022.01.18 18:59 mmmsplendid [Homemade] Crispy potato wedges

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2022.01.18 18:59 Trebord_ Strange and/or Obscure Wynncraft Facts [Day 3 of 14] - Token Tokens

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