First Class Hijacked by Non-Binary Student

2022.01.18 19:11 logantze1973 First Class Hijacked by Non-Binary Student

Hello all, I am seeking advice for how to constructively deal with the type of student in one of my classes Jordan became famous for discussing. Today was the start of Spring semester at my University, and in my second class of the day, we were asked to go around the classroom and introduce ourselves. Roughly half the class gave their pronouns, half did not. One student, who identified as non-binary, kept interrupting other people's introductions to make her own point, and at the end of the introductions, made a point to ask each person to clarify their pronouns. I thought this was a complete waste of time, but went along because it was clear that the professor wasn't going to tolerate dissenting opinions. When this was done, she turned to the teacher and said, "I think it's very fascinating that all the people who chose not to give their pronouns initially were white males." We then went into a lengthy, half hour discussion about her experiences and difficulties in being a strong non-binary person. I think it's clear this is one of the sjws Peterson describes as manipulating these political situations to their advantage, to gain attention, and so that any arguments made against them in class will be interpreted as inherently prejudiced. I am considering dropping the class entirely, but was hoping if anyone had a similar experience, they might shed some light on the situation.
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2022.01.18 19:11 Masked-Vigilante Alienware m17 r3, 10750h rtx 2070 super undervolt

I have Alienware m17 r3, with 10750h rtx 2070s. While gaming it's temperatures easily max out to 100 degree what should I do?
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2022.01.18 19:11 sburgess86 Phylovar: Towards scalable phylogeny-aware inference of single-nucleotide variations from single-cell DNA sequencing data

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2022.01.18 19:11 uchideshi34 Mountain Gates

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2022.01.18 19:11 FactMiserable2009 Gina live

Venter stadig på min anmodning. Kan nogen fortælle hvad der skeeeer 🥲
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2022.01.18 19:11 3MinuteGameReviews I Can Speak German Now...

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2022.01.18 19:11 _grizzlydog Will the panic attacks ever go away?

After I had covid (5months ago) my life hasn't been the same. I wasn't really that sick, but I had lingering symptoms for a while after. I've recovered from most of the symptoms, but not the anxiety/adrenaline/panic attacks.
It's like my body can't handle any type of stress anymore. I used to love flying, but after a kinda traumatic panic attack on a flight in September I am terrified to get on a plane again.
I'm a 100% sure I didn't experience this before covid.
I get panic attacks at work, while driving, when being social with friends, on public transport... I have very little hope for the future if this is how it's gonna be.
My biggest dream and passion in life was to travel the world but I can't do that anymore. When I was in Prague for a week I was paralyzed with a panic attack the whole trip.
I hope this doesn't get buried, please comment if you've experienced the same, recovered from it or dealing with it right now. It has made me severely depressed and I don't know how long I can go on
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2022.01.18 19:11 sindaquil77 LF: Shiny Event Giratina & Palkia, Shiny Events/Event Legends, Shiny Kanto Ninetales, Shiny Starters Gens 2, 6-8, Shiny Pogo Raikou still in Go, Offers FT: See Pic Below. Willing to offer multiple for events/shiny legends! (Bulbusaur & Squirtle are Gmax stamped & self-redeemed from HOME event)

LF: Shiny Event Giratina & Palkia, Shiny Events/Event Legends, Shiny Kanto Ninetales, Shiny Starters Gens 2, 6-8, Shiny Pogo Raikou still in Go, Offers FT: See Pic Below. Willing to offer multiple for events/shiny legends! (Bulbusaur & Squirtle are Gmax stamped & self-redeemed from HOME event) submitted by sindaquil77 to PokemonHome [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 19:11 jennyscrayons Quick 120 Crayola Crayons Sort in Color Order.

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2022.01.18 19:11 pepelesadbot The Golden Disk chapter 58

Date: 505 Standard Galactic Cycle; 1.11.3595
Location: Planet Pegasus; Greater Terran Sphere
Senator Louise Musa
Louise's beard was itchy. It was always like that when he got nervous. His hair would probably feel the same if he had any, but he had always preferred to go bald. Saved him plenty of money, something he needed on a senator's salary.
He looked at the tablet again, reading it all over again. Each time the report seemed to get worse and he would get even more stressed and itchy. The terrible cycle was finally broken by a voice coming from the kitchen.
"It's not gonna change, no matter how much you read it"
Louise put the tablet down on the glass table and got up. The smell of the pancakes being almost ready guided him and he got there just in time to see the jam being spread on one, before it was folded into a triangular shape.
"Is it raspberry?" asked Louise while hugging the man who was making the pancakes from the back
"I know how you like it" answered the man
Mark's cooking was always a pleasant break from work, it was one of the reasons Louise married him and the European pancakes he introduced to him was a special treat of his.
"You could wait a little bit" said Mark
Louise chuckled and said "Sure I'll wait" before grabbing one of the pancakes and stuffing it into his face, while Mark gave him a disappointed look
"Has work gotten you this stressed ?"
Louise scratched his beard "You have no idea"
"That bad huh ?"
"Finding out that the biggest bads of history were still alive and a threat….it gets you a bit stressed"
"The meeting is tomorrow, do you have any idea on what your answer is"
"The Eternal Marshall is asking us to go to war, to save the life of trillions" said Louise
"But ?"
"Huuuu…."sighed Louise before continuing "We would lose the peace we have built to help aliens in a universe we don't even live in anymore"
"Those are still living beings" pointed out Mark
In there laid the problem. All those trillions of people in the report, they weren't just statistics, they were people. They bleed and died, they live and laughed, but all those estimated losses Humanity would suffer weren't just a statistic either.
Louise again scratched his beard. A few more of the pancakes would seem nice right now.
"Listen I'm not a politician or a soldier, but if it was us out there…...hell a thousand years ago that was us out there, so….." Mark was cut off
"I'd like a nice evening with pancakes and my husband, not work"
Mark gave him a soft look full of understanding, before he said "Sure, we can do that"
Date: 505 Standard Galactic Cycle; 1.11.3595; 20 minutes since the start of the Sector 14 engagement
Location: Sector 14; Sili front line
John Tremblay
John's heart was beating fast and hard. He could feel each beat hitting like a hammer inside his chest, but there were more pressing matters. In two, three, now, he shot and hit a Sili fighter. At the same time one of his men did the same to the same enemy fighter, finally destroying him.
The shields have proven to be quite powerful and even more annoying, with them firing back everything they hit them with. It took two of them constantly firing at the damned thing to finally overheat the shield and finally destroy it.
But, even with this small victory, the situation wasn't much better. Half of his men were dead and their forces were in disarray. The Sili ships just disappear and reappear wherever, with no Wormholes being detected. Their fighters do the same. It's bad enough having them be so resilient, but almost impossible to hit, that's just too much. Lucky John was a damned good pilot.
He spotted another fighter, chasing one of his men No more! he thought as he took aim and fired. A direct hit but the fighter is gone, soon it's chasing John, but now someone else had the shot.
Aim, shot, kill. John knew it well, it was like breathing and the same went for his men, he trained all of them.
Soon John detected that the fighter is destroyed, but it's not enough. We are completely outmatched here. We needed more information before engaging, but those damned things forced our hand.
He then got a notification and immediately felt dredd. No news so far has been good and it's doubtful anything will change now. "Withdrawal orders"
………… Tabarnak ! thought John
Date: 505 Standard Galactic Cycle; 1.1.3595; 20 minutes since the start of the Sector 14 engagement
Location: The capital ship of the 5th Union fleet; Sector 14; Sili front line
High Admiral Kuram
"You're mad. The whole point was not to leave you here to die !" said Okoron
"The situation is different now. We have no idea what this is and if we all die here the sector remains undefeated. You and the 14th need to withdraw to the second defensive line and report this" said Kuram calmly, but with frustration
The Aoktians can be difficult to connect with, but once you do, they are loyal to the bitter end. Kuram knew Okoron was specifically loyal and stubborn and right now that was more trouble than it's worth.
"I'm not leaving you to die !" yelled Okoron
"Gods's dammit Okoron ! If we all die here this was for nothing. We can hold them off for now, but if you do not withdraw it would all be worthless !" said Kuram while slightly shaking
Okoron was silent for a moment, simply looking at his friend. "Is this it? This is our goodbye"
"I wish it wasn't my friend" said Kuram
Okoron rose to his hind legs and stood upright. He folded his wings across his chest and saluted his friend one last time.
"I have one last request" said Kuram
"What is it ?" asked Okoron while getting back to all fours
"Take John and his men with you, I have already sent out the order to them"
Okoron nodded and Kuram did as well afterwards. "Good luck my friend" said Okoron
"To you as well my friend" answered Kuram
Date: 505 Standard Galactic Cycle; 2.11.3595
Location: Capital building; Washington DC; Terra; Sol system
Victor Caspian
It was a long time since Victor's heart was beating this fast. After a while of being the most powerful man in history, excitement and nervousness stopped. When you knew you had the absolute power to do anything that sort of feeling just went away.
But now he made a choice to allow things to happen that were outside of his control. A first step in getting Humanity to walk on its own. But that awoken those old feelings. It was almost nostalgic.
He took a deep breath and teleported into the large Senate Hall. The now ancient building was made by him after the war, in the rubble of old Washington DC. The original Capital building was still standing, but is now a museum and the large dome was the administrative center of Terra. It was always breathtaking to look upon it. A mile high, it was the symbol of Human endurance.
He looked around the grand hall that seemed to be infinite, but one thing would always catch his eye. His seat or better described as a throne. One fit for an Emperor and Victor was little more than that at this point, something he wished to change. Soon the others teleported as well. He gestured for them to sit and all 5000 senators did so. He sat on his throne, located on the top of a small flight of stairs, slightly elevated at the center of the hall.
The Senate speaker began to address the rest "Let the 97th Grand Senate meeting begin ! The Eternal Marshall Victor Caspian summoned the Senate to discuss the reappearance of the Sili ! Eternal Marshall, I give the stand to you !"
Victor rose from his seat and with a powerful, booming voice began to speak "The gathering of the Grand Senate is a rare occasion, but it is one that is now more necessary than ever. As you have all been briefed, the Sili are not dead. We have failed in our mission one thousand years ago to wipe out the mistake which I and your ancestors have made. Now they threaten the lives of trillions that still live in the old universe. I ask of you to declare war and commit yourself fully to this task !"
As soon as Victor finished speaking a woman rose to speak. A tall and blonde woman, a beautiful one as well. "Senator Murphy, you may speak" said the speaker
"Eternal Marshall, you have the right and the authority to command all of Humanity to go to war, I speak for everyone here when I ask, why haven't you done so ?"
Victor took a deep breath. "I will not force Humanity to do such actions. I have never been a tyrant, and have always done things in the service of every Human being alive. My belief and wishes on this matter are irrelevant, it is your own choice to make !"
"Are we to believe that you will take no action in the case that this Senate decides to not go to war ?" asked Murphy
"My own personal actions have nothing to do with the decision of the Senate. I am sure you have all heard rumors by now, so let me make things clear. I have already ordered for the production of war ships and other military equipment, as well as an artificially created army"
As soon as the words had been said, talking and mumbling could be heard from every person in the room. But, right now this was only distracting from the conversation and the speaker was too shocked to do his job. Victor continued "This was done at my own personal expense, and you can consider the men in that army, my employees and the war equipment as a part of my personal collection. What I do with these is my concern alone !"
Senator Louise rose from his seat and began speaking "Employees or slaves, Eternal Marshall. What will be of those men once the war is over ?"
"They were made for war, but they will be treated as any other citizen of the Sphere and will be given full rights as such. Once the war is over they will be allowed to go to live normal lives"
More mumbling, but this time the speaker did his job. "Silence !"
He was a short man, by the modern standards, but he was as muscular as any man of this era is to be. Add that to his powerful voice and personality, you have a great speaker, when he isn't too distracted by what is being said.
"What risk does the Sili represent to us at this time ?" asked Murphy
TERRA appeared on the stand made specifically for her, close to Victor. "We do not know. Based on the information we gained from Doctor Awaret, they seemed to have regressed theologically, but are still ahead of the Union. We can't detrimen the threat they pose until we investigate further, but if they are left unchecked, they could very well one day come to us, here"
More mumbling, but it was cut off by Senator Louise. A good man, and a powerful one, his voice silenced the crowd. "So this is not just a matter of saving the Union !"
"As I said we do not know, but I agree with the Eternal Marshall, we need to strike now !" said Terra
Soon the room erupted into mumbling and yelling, people talking with and over each other. Some things not even the Eternal Marshall could change, and chaos of Human politics is one of them.
As the speaker tried to silence the crowd Louise stood again. It was clear that whatever he said now, would change history and Victor was sure he knew what it was.
"I wish to hear from Doctor Awaret !"
The crowd was silent.
"He is the one who has brought us this information, I wish to hear from him ! And I believe that I am not the only one"
The Senators all began voicing their agreement. Victor nodded and Awaret appeared at the center podium, standing tall and determined.
"Doctor Awaret, welcome" said Louise
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2022.01.18 19:11 jhwtf New panda character leak

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2022.01.18 19:11 LAFCreator I Found a Swear Word In Calobi’s Video!

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2022.01.18 19:11 batmanbegins71262 cats that come around my backyard

there were those 2 different cats that come around to my backyard often..... there was this one often jumped over the fence from the neighbors...
there was this time he was on top of the fence ready to jump down into my backyard, I was looking at him, and he looked at me and for some reason he seemed got scared when looked at me and then he jumped back into the same neighbors side...
Another time he looked at me and nothing much he just jumped right down....
sometimes the cats look at me and I look at them, they would stop and look at me confused. I’m guessing they were accessing the situation like is there any threat or danger from me..... and after a while they felt nothing so they walked away slowly and forgot about me haha
ok those were so interesting
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2022.01.18 19:11 FukAllRules KadBid - Acetone Fumes

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2022.01.18 19:11 paciokino server 85 bronze guild

Hi there, top 10 bronze guild is looking desperately for active folks, focused on titans.
Lv 80+ preferable, 100k titans, we're active in war, we communicate, just that randoms joins and don't do team play, kicking everyday until the juice remains.
If you want a challenge, come here... we're going to push silver soon, which is amazing since this guild was qualifying just 2 months ago.
Minimum are 65 titanites / 1250 activity but we plan to up this number in close future.
Brasil is the guild name, all ftp and a few low spenders, english required.
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2022.01.18 19:11 Zennred Back Stage at the burlesque

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2022.01.18 19:11 dym_sh just trying to be cute

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2022.01.18 19:11 Octoux Cheap laptop options for running Minecraft?

I just want a decent computer that won’t cost $1,000 but will still allow me to play Minecraft. As much as I’d love a gaming laptop it’s just not in the budget right now, but I need a computer anyways so might as well find something that’ll run a game I enjoy.
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2022.01.18 19:11 booboogriggs7467 New Crypto Doc Just Dropped

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2022.01.18 19:11 Enough_Lawyer_6089 Heres two 'find the animal' challenges. Answers in the comments.

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2022.01.18 19:11 sburgess86 RASCL: Rapid Assessment Of SARS-CoV-2 Clades Through Molecular Sequence Analysis

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2022.01.18 19:11 nikkawhutbkny Kota The Friend - Lyrics to GO, Vol. 3 (2021)

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2022.01.18 19:11 VexxFate When is a good time to ask this guy out to prom?

I’m trying to ask this guy out to prom, I think he has a crush on me. It’s a 50/50 as I over heard him say he had a crush on a girl in the grade above him and her name started with a J, there is only 2 girls in my grade who have a J in their name, me and one other. Along with the fact that I always see him looking at me. Anyways, I don’t have any classes with him, but he sits behind me at lunch. I’m thinking at lunch? Or maybe after school? Just like catch him while he’s walking to take his tray up and ask him then? If so, what’s some good ways to be less anxious?
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2022.01.18 19:11 elizabethanne1996 Thoughts

My last theory was that Boruto would “die” but be saved when he is brought back to the Leaf. During this time he would have Momoshikis memories and would end up leaving himself with new information.
After this last chapter, and seeing the damage he has suffered, I think he will actually die. And pre time skip will end with a mourning so to speak. Kawaki will stay in the village, and Ada and Code will retreat (same with my last theory). But now there will be a strain in Naruto’s and Kawaki’s relationship.
I believe that Boruto’s body will be taken by Amado, and he will do some trickery and make him a Cyborg (or he is already creating him, and that’s who is in his pod)
Reasons I believe both of these theories. 1. Amado is strategic on how he plays with people. Giving Kawaki a new form of Karma, and seemingly knowing that Kawaki would go after Code. He probably also planned on Boruto following, as he knows about their relationship. 2. During the battle between Kawaki and Boruto, Kawaki reminded Boruto about their conversation. And how he would be the one to get rid of his Karma. However, I think there could be a deeper meaning to this, and Kawaki possibly knows more about Amados plans than shown. Yes, Boruto will have Karma in time skip, but he won’t have it in the same sense of being taken over by Momoshiki.
How this could be an interesting story for time skip…
Boruto will be “dead” and Kawaki will be able to do things his way (which is a common storyline with him, and how he doesn’t agree with Borutos ideals and way of handling things). Also, Amado will now have a “cyborg version” of Boruto, and we have seen that Amado can control them somehow, and even make them “turn off.”
If this does happen, Momoshikis prediction of Boruto losing everything will be true, as he will no longer have his own will, and will be a literal “tool” more so than a shinobi is. (Let’s go Ao arc)
This will be where I am reaching 😂 but Boruto might actually be the one to “save” Ada from her loneliness. Since now they are both Cyborgs created by Amado, and don’t have the means to have a “normal” life.
I try to make sense of my theories by using the first scene of the first episode. Which it does make sense to why Kawaki was confused when Boruto said “im still a shinobi.” Boruto will still be sticking by his ideals and shinobi ways, even after his “death.”
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2022.01.18 19:11 edwards99fan Got my Kyle Larson Freightliner 1:24 in today, pretty sweet paint scheme

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