What is the best way to get all of the card (I want to spend money, so it's not a problem)

2022.01.18 19:52 bortness What is the best way to get all of the card (I want to spend money, so it's not a problem)

Hi! I'm a new Gwent fan and I am in love with it. I know the game is very f2p friendly. But, i'd like to own all of the cards because I'm obsessed with having everything so I can tinker and play with. So i'd like to know if there is a way to do it. Again, I know I don't have to, but I want to. What is the best way? Also, is the battlepass worth it too? Thanks :)
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2022.01.18 19:52 Particular_Sink1742 Yasaka

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2022.01.18 19:52 El-Sueco Fishermen over at Flanagan lake

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2022.01.18 19:52 memoriesofcold "No sense of morals": Lindsey Graham called out by GOP consultant for cynically sucking up to Trump -- Political strategist Susan Del Percio slammed the South Carolina Republican on MSNBC Saturday

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2022.01.18 19:52 SageOE [8] Phase 3 for Pheromosa.

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2022.01.18 19:52 Big-Engineering-3374 I sadly dont have any close male friends! Im a 26 year old guy but I only have close female friends. I wish I could have a close guy friend that I can be bros with. [Friendship] is very important for males to have with eachother because we need positive male role models in our lives. Lets be bros!:)

I have a few close female friends but I don’t have any close guy friends really. Sadly society as a whole has conditioned men to not express emotion to other men because its seen as a “weakness”. I wish I had a male best friend! We could be brother figures to each other and be emotionally supportive of each other. I will play mini violin concerts for you and write you silly funny poems that will make you laugh. We can stay up all night sending each other memes haha. I want us to be bros. I want a wholesome friendship that will make me playfully cringe from all of the wholesomeness! :) I don’t care if you are straight or gay.
We can be positive male role models in each other’s lives. I absolutely love the few close female friends that im lucky to have but I need some positive male influence in my life. I will be your lifelong friend if we have a good connection :3 I want to be someone’s bro. You and I could even meet inperson someday in the future.
Soccer is my favorite sport.
I love anime! ‘Code Geass’ is my favorite anime tv show. I love Studio Ghibli! I’ve been attending anime conventions for many years. Howl from ‘Howls Moving Castle’ and Deku from ‘My Hero Academia’ were my most recent cosplays that I individually cosplayed as at two separate conventions this recent year. ‘Demon Slayer’ is one of my favorites. I read some manga too sometimes and light novels. My next cosplay is going to be of L from ‘Death Note’. I jokingly call myself a “weeaboo” hahahahaha I have seen most all of the mainstream anime tv shows and several less-known anime. I sometimes go to comic con too but I don’t know much about comics.
Im a amateur musician that loves music. Its a fun hobby for me. I play the violin and a few other instruments. Violin is my main instrument! Music is a big love of mine. I enjoy going to operas! Pop concerts is also fun for me to attend! I have been to a few country music festivals. Music is just a hobby for me but im constantly listening to music with a huge grin on my face because I believe music is such a beautiful thing that us humans have!
Purple is my favorite color.
I have a pet dog. She’s a mix of different breeds. I love dogs so much. Animals in general are extremely amazing. The ocean has a lot of animals that people haven’t even discovered yet! I love eagles and falcons. Bats are beautiful creatures I believe. Tigers scare me but I think big cats are gorgeous animals that are awesome. Watching the tv documentary ’Tiger King’ made me sad.
Biking is one of my favorite hobbies. I love adventures! Mountain biking is fun. Even just biking around a town is fun. There are so many cool lakes that I’ve absolutely love biking around.
Im absolutely in love with snorkeling. Last month I got back home from visiting Hawaii. I love Hawaii so much and have been a few times. Hawaii is my favorite place to be in the ocean because the water around me when im swimming there is so beautiful. I want to go snorkeling in Australia someday. My favorite Netflix movie is ‘My Octopus Teacher’. I also want to visit Africa someday and go snorkeling there.
‘Into The Wild’ is my favorite movie of all time. The book is awesome too but the movie is super special to me. I have seen the movie so many different times. I wish I could’ve met the main character of that wild story. Both the book and movie are amazing.
Skateboarding is one of my favorite activities to do.
My diet is mostly vegetarian but I sometimes eat meat.
Im a casual gamer. FFXIV is my favorite MMO. I like Minecraft too. I sometimes play VR games. Nintendo video games are awesome.
I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this year. I’ve got a permit! For my whole life I have been on many nature trips haha but I have never thru hiked before. I love camping and I love hiking. I don’t know how much of the PCT I will complete because its such a long trail but im very excited to start thru hiking this year! The trail goes from around Mexico to around Canada. The upcoming journey is making me slightly nervous but im mostly just thrilled that I get the chance to be surrounded by nature for months.
Pav Bhaji is my favorite food dish to cook.
’The Hunger Games’ is my favorite book. I’ve read the whole series but the first book is my top favorite. I love the whole book series tho! The ’The Hunger Games’ movies are alright.
I love snowboarding.
My favorite cartoon is ’The Last Airbender’. I have seen the whole tv series many times. Im always rewatching that series.
Thank you for reading my post. :D I don’t care about your location. Just be an adult (18+). I hope this post was long enough to give you a idea of who I am as a person :) feel free to ask me any questions in your initial message to me tho!
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2022.01.18 19:52 Nickdr_12 Andy Merrick's (@merrickspeed) visual guide to the 2022 IndyCar driver market

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2022.01.18 19:52 Thordhrim I am at a dead end in my life. At this point my existence is worthless and headed toward nothing.

All people around me are involved in various projects that fulfill them. One of my friends has already written several novels, another is working really hard and succeeding in a prestigious engineer school, another is already a job as a journalist in parallel with his studies... my girlfriend has the best grades of all uni in her field of study and is already an assistant of the rector on her second year.
And me ? I don't do shit. I began studying sociology, gave up. Studied philosophy, gave up. Now I'm studying psychology and not giving a fuck. I can't help it, I can't find meaning in any career path that I can find. I don't even have a passion strong enough I can try to follow; I have strong interests that shift too quickly. Everything is meaningless and I don't care enough to really invest myself in anything.
I don't do sport anymore. I don't write neither, something I enjoyed doing. I've began drinking alone this summer and I do it quite regularly now.
And I've got absolutely no fucking excuse. I've always got good grades without putting a lot of effort in school. I've got friends. A family that is really okay. A caring girlfriend. I don't struggle with money.
I've become some sort of human slug, a limp parasite of society. I tried to change that many times, to change myself, I've endured extreme anxiety during months but I failed again and again and now I don't even care anymore most of the time, which makes things worse. I am deeply dissatisfied with my life and feel ashamed and guilty.
If I can't change that in the next months or years I will sacrifice myself to a good cause to make all of that matter a little in the end. Like committing suicide in a hospital and giving my organs to people who need it. Or going to war in Ukraine, where there still are actual fucking nazis. I don't know.
Fuck all of this. I'll drink myself to sleep now.
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2022.01.18 19:52 Seb__c Just putting this here

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2022.01.18 19:52 NewsElfForEnterprise Taika Waititi's Pirate Comedy Series Drops a Swashbuckling First Trailer

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2022.01.18 19:52 beforesemicolon Lets Build a Web Components UI Library together

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2022.01.18 19:52 franovelda Arceus Folano

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2022.01.18 19:52 antdude Is anyone else having problems with VB v6.1.32 booting up 64-bit Windows in 64-bit W10?

Earlier this late morning, I upgraded my VirtualBox from v6.1.30 to v6.1.32 in my updated 64-bit W10 Pro (21H2). Booting up my updated guest 64-bit Windows (7 HPE SP1 & 10 Pro) VMs were very slow. I noticed my host PC shows very high CPU usage. I even rebooted my host PC to see if it fixes it, but nope. Is anyone else having this problem too or just me?
I was unable to reproduce this in an old 2012 13" Intel MacBook Pro though. I assume it is related to W10's HyperVision or something again like a few versions ago? :( I uploaded a tiny 7z file with my logs and screen (shot/capture)s into https://forums.virtualbox.org/download/file.php?id=45290 for my https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=104993 forum thread. http://zimage.com/~ant/antfarm/about/MyComputerStuff.txt for my detailed primary computer's setup.
I might need to downgrade back to v6.1.30 soon. :( Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon. :)
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2022.01.18 19:52 ReserveVarious4061 please help me

please urgent
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2022.01.18 19:52 tabchoo Why does my puppy get so confused when I act like a dog too?

Why does he get confused when I do stuff like growling while “roughhousing” with him, pretending to lick him, etc.
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2022.01.18 19:52 Individual99991 Hong Kong protests: activist Edward Leung released early from prison for good behaviour after being sentenced in 2018 to 6 years

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2022.01.18 19:52 sleepingbeauty147 Look at my big beautiful Pearl's n' Jade!.... 😈 heh heh hehhh....

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2022.01.18 19:52 niklasssssss LF: Solgaleo in beast/apriball FT: several legendaries, aprimons

I know this is a weird request but I am looking for a solgaleo caught in a beast or apriball. I could give you my solgaleo that I caught in a pokeball, a zamazenta and eternatus plus several aprimons :)
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2022.01.18 19:52 lss_bvt_ios_13 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2022.01.18 19:52 ProudNet Outdoor Camera Didn't Record During Alarm Event; Weird Explanation from Support

I have three cameras - one exterior front, one exterior back, one interior. My alarm triggered last Thursday. When I look at the "Timeline" tab in the app, I see the alarm event, and I see "3 Recordings". However when I expand the event, only the exterior front and interior cameras saved video. The exterior back camera shows this text: "No Video. We did not receive this part of the recording from your camera."
Today I called support and was told the issue was related to the exterior rear camera's connection strength. On the day in question, the support rep told me the connection was -71, and that closer to -100 is worse than closer to 0. He told me that the connection strength has varied over the past 4-6 weeks, despite the fact that I haven't made any changes at all to our home network.
I asked him to stay on the line while I tested this again - set the alarm off and see if the camera records - and sure enough all three cameras recorded. I asked him what the exterior back camera's connection strength was showing, and he told me -68.
Some takeaways from this call:

This is pretty disappointing and yet another discouraging interaction with SimpliSafe support. It's great that I can view the exterior camera's live feed with no issue, however if it doesn't work properly in the event of an emergency, then what exactly is the point? The kicker - the exterior rear camera is actually located physically closer to my modem and mesh network than the exterior front camera which did function properly during the alarm. I've got gigabit internet - 1,000 down, ~850 up - and a Nest WiFi mesh network. The issue is not my internet.
Does this seem like an unusual response from the support team? Is it normal that there's no way to determine if the rear camera will function correctly other than actually setting off your alarm? Do other people have this similar experience - camera functions sometimes, not other times? It seems pretty crazy to me that SimpliSafe can essentially just respond, 'sorry it didn't work; might be your connection, it's slightly higher today than it was that day; that's how WiFi works - some days better than others; we don't alert you when the signal strength is low enough to where the device won't function properly even if you can still view the live feed; really no solution to this issue.'
Doesn't sit right with me at all.
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2022.01.18 19:52 Not-Santa-Throwaway Karen sister rebranded gifts I bought for my nephews as being from Santa

This happened during Christmas last year. My older sister has always been a handful one might say. She would generally act entitled, but then when someone makes her back off, she goes back to acting normal for a while before starting it all over. She got married a decade ago and has two young sons that are 5 and 6. And every year she makes sure there's something extra under the tree from Santa for them. Which we're all fine with. But Christmas of 2021 she did something that blew my mind.
The Christmas Eve gatherings with the whole family are usually held at my grandparents' house. That way the individual families have their personal celebrations on Christmas Day with their own kids, or with families of SOs or spouses. Last year I was worried I might not make it to the Christmas Eve party as I was away on some personal matters. So I shipped the presents I got for relatives prewrapped in a large box to my grandparents' house just in case. But I did manage to make it home the day before Christmas Eve by driving through several states.
Everything went well, and we had the big dinner with both turkey and ham. I am real sucker for the turkey. Then came time for gifts. We draw straws for who passes around the gifts among the younger members of the family, and my 15 year old cousin pulled the short straw. Everything was good until the presents I got for my nephews were passed to them. All the presents I sent in advance used the same wrapping paper. So it was pretty obvious after a while which ones were from me. But when the two boys got the ones I gave them, my sister pointed to new name labels on them both that were clearly pasted over the ones I'd put on them and exclaimed they were from Santa. Which made the two boys eagerly open them and shout with glee.
I was pretty angry, and my sister saw it on my face. She pulled me aside to talk and I asked her what the hell she thought she was doing. She beat around the bush for a moment and said that since she thought I wasn't going to make it to Christmas that year, that it would have been better if the kids thought the gifts were from Santa. I was furious and yelled at her. That caught the attention of my grandmother, who'd also knew what happened. She begged me to keep quiet about the false Santa gifts, but I blew up over her wanting to rugsweep. And that attracted half the family into the kitchen to ask what all the yelling was about. My sister tried to say something, but I spoke over her that she'd rebranded the gifts I got for my nephews as being from Santa. My grandfather looked at her and said "Is this true?!". My sister looked emotional and then did what she usually did when called out on something this bad. She started sobbing like a little kid and crouched down on the floor to have a pity party. Between sobs she kept trying to defend herself. But the only one that was buying into her act was my grandmother, who only made more excuses like what my sister said. They thought I wasn't going to be there. It was for the sake of the children. ETC. ETC.
My grandfather was unphased though. And he along with several other members of the family said that she needed to make it up to me for this. Because that means the boys technically got nothing from me that they know of when I clearly gave them nice expensive gifts that now they won't know ever came from me just because of what my sister did. My grandmother finally backed off and briefly sided with the rest of us before going out to the living room to watch the kids.
I then had an idea and said that I will give each of my nephews $50 bills from my wallet. And I expect to be paid that money back and get paid back for the gifts that were no longer from me because my sister had commandeered them. My brother-in-law sighed and agreed. Then dragged my sister to the garage to have words with her. I gave my nephews each a crisp $50 bill and told them to buy whatever they like with it. My sister spent the rest of the evening almost silent. No more tears or anything. Just silent. She may as well have been a mannequin on display or something. And before I left, my brother-in-law promised my sister will personally pay me back.
I thought I was gonna have to wait a good while to get the money back. But yesterday my sister and brother-in-law came knocking at my door and my sister meekly handed me an envelope with $200 in it and apologized to me. She started to make more excuses for what she did when brother-in-law told her to just stop. Because what she did was a crummy thing and she knows there was no excuse for it. So she just apologized one more time and walked back to their car loudly sniffling on a tissue. My brother-in-law told me the $200 came from out of my sister's account. And that was basically her fun money for this month. And maybe having a leaner month will teach her a lesson. Probably not though.
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2022.01.18 19:52 bookmagicyes No sleep since taking Claritin :/

Sick of being jolted awake at 2am. Why is my sleep bothered more by Claritin than other allergy meds? Horrid :/ don't know how to return normal sleep.
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2022.01.18 19:52 Any-Victory-1906 Installing console extensions automatically


Is it possible deploying console extensions like webbiew2 automatically on console installation?

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2022.01.18 19:52 Asher0950 Finally, Vaush is being forced to pay

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2022.01.18 19:52 Azurephoenix99 Should I include Bonus Objectives during my Genlocke?

Currently in late game Yellow version. Thinking that after I beat the Champion, I could also attempt to capture Mewtwo as a sort of bonus challenge.
Here's how I'm imagining this working:

As for what that Boon could be, I have no idea. I'm thinking maybe some extra items or something? I could potentially edit one of my surviving party members' stats to be better? I'm open to any suggestions on this front.
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