school doodles

2022.01.21 15:14 dumb-fool school doodles

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2022.01.21 15:14 redhairedgryffindor Clique Leaders having a trip to the city with Derby's car

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2022.01.21 15:14 maxaroni-n-cheese Does more CDR affect Zeri's Q?

I was thinking if Zeri's attack speed is capped, we could spam q more by building up cdr? idk if this is the case, would love to know
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2022.01.21 15:14 sherminshaman Semi formal wear for wedding

Hey guys, so I found out I'm going to a wedding on the 12th of February and realized I have no clothes what so ever to wear to a wedding. It's the only wedding I have been to in 13 years.
Does anybody know where to get semi formal wear for a decent price within spending lots of $$$$$$. I am a fairly larger lady too so I can't have super tight slim stuff. Plus my hubby has never dressed up for anything so he has no idea where to shop for men's semi formal wear.
Thanks a ton for any help. ;)
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2022.01.21 15:14 tanezuki PSA : This is why you don't make cursed posts with YuumixSett, don't ruin her wholesomeness :'(

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2022.01.21 15:14 smoochypillow Can I just swallow the abv without chewing it?

This is probably a very silly question but I’m genuinely curious. I ate abv one time before and the taste was very unpleasant. Will it still work the same way and have the same potency if I just throw it in a smoothie or something and just drink it without chewing it?
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2022.01.21 15:14 PlaneBoyMemes k*r cutlture 😡🤬 grrrr c*r bet

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2022.01.21 15:14 Xashar Thoughts on crypto currencies and NFTs; fads or here to stay?

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2022.01.21 15:14 PrettyEmma97 [XB1] H: 2x Tse flamer two stars, Be1P G-P, Ve15r Laser rifle, Be50dr Hm, B50c25v Be15c Fixer W: Legacy Offer thanks you :)

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2022.01.21 15:14 pjvc_ How much do you spend?

Out of curiosity, how much do you usually spend on one transaction at SKIMS and how often? As we know they barely have sales and if they do it’s from other sites. It doesn’t help that your fave item/line has a product with 5-10 other colors. I usually cap mine at $200-250 every two weeks. If I really like something, I’ll skim (pun intended) through other sites for stock, if it’s plentiful I’ll usually wait.
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2022.01.21 15:14 Veskah anime_irl

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2022.01.21 15:14 IOSSLT Would it make sense to take a course on Basic Auto Maintenance if I don't plan on becoming a mechanic?

I have no idea how cars work, never cared too much about them as a kid, my parents never taught me about them (because they didn't know themselves).
I got a used car a few years ago and now it's starting to cause me problems. But that got me thinking, knowing how to fix a car is a very important life skill that can save you or make you money.
I personally want to get into the IT field so that is what I'm focusing on right now. But I see that a community college near me is offering a 4 month course on basic auto repair.
I have both the time and the money for it (because I live with my parents)
Wouldn't it make sense to spend 4 months on learning skills that would last me a life time and save me money over the course of my life? Even if I don't ever want to become a mechanic (I'm not against the idea but I would rather be in the IT field)
Obviously this is a question I have to answer myself, but, but what are your thoughts?
Do you think a basic automotive course is enough to keep me from going to the mechanic to fix my old car (provided I have the tools to do so).
I just hate the idea of being ignorant about something that's so important.
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2022.01.21 15:14 CrookedLines4216 My Package departed Richmond 22 days ago, and was expected last Wednesday, should I be contacting Canada Post to find out where my package is? Or perhaps should I give it until next week?

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2022.01.21 15:14 onefootback Did anyone else find themselves holding back to their therapist?

It’s not that I don’t trust her because i absolutely do and she’s been the best therapist i’ve ever had but for some reason I find myself holding back from her, like i don’t want to tell her everything. i don’t know if it’s out of shame or embarrassment or something but i just do it although i know i should probably be 100% with my therapist. is this normal?
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2022.01.21 15:14 anon9531 Kucoin Referral link for discounted trading fees

Kucoin Referral link -- and enter referral code rBBWCDW ------------ Binance referral link - and Use my link to get $10 of free crypto when you join Coinbase -
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2022.01.21 15:14 Simonvdoever Tiny japanese house

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2022.01.21 15:14 J_Bear Saw my first ever lion today!

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2022.01.21 15:14 Klutzy-Secret-1330 Is Sam more Miyagi-Do or Eagle Fang now ?

What do y‘all think ?
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2022.01.21 15:14 Viketon ORE systems about to launch Osiris Protocol!!!

Great team working on all facets of video game production to produce tokenomics and nfts for video game programmers . Releasing proof of concept 3rd person Triple A shooter next week. Great entry price point right now!!! Become a whale instantly!!!!
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2022.01.21 15:14 eteryczny This is the only pack I saved

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2022.01.21 15:14 EmbyArts i wanted to draw something wholesome to support bernie 💜

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2022.01.21 15:14 rotiikaja 2

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2022.01.21 15:14 East_Note526 Pretty in Pink

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2022.01.21 15:14 minioar Hacked Raid?

So, I entered on a Max Raid for a Gmax Venasaur and was super excited because it was shiny, so I catched it and it has 6 IVs and Modest Nature. Could it be a hacked Raid? Is it illegal if I use this pokemon?
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2022.01.21 15:14 TheRealShiruken Shiruken Speaks!!!

I'm going to be bold enough to call this week a bottom for ANKR. For those that can, DCA on this dip, if you can't DCA, then just hold strong. ANKR is about to flex on the crypto world, watch how a strong company performs regardless of market sentiment.
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