east Brunswick nj area m4f

2022.01.18 19:05 jonny1029384756 east Brunswick nj area m4f

anyone around tryina hook up
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2022.01.18 19:05 crisinthecut What do you guys think about these??

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2022.01.18 19:05 Awelawi Preparation for First Internship(freshman)

Hi, what's the best way to prepare for a summer internship as a freshman? I know people say you'll learn on the job, but I'm not a fast learner so I really like to prepare beforehand. I know the fundamentals of python and will learn OOP in Java next semester, is there any language I should brush up on besides that? Any advice is appreciated and it's for Amazon Propel.
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2022.01.18 19:05 shuvammax ☄︎ Floki World ☄︎ | Fast Track Incoming | Launching Now on BSC | Liquidity Lock | Low Marketcap!!

⛩️ Floki World ☘︎

⚔️ 100-250X potential realistic
⚔️ Amazing and active community
⚔️ Heavy marketing ongoing and incoming!

⚜️ Welcome to Floki World. As we all know Elon’s new adorable Shiba Inu puppy named Floki has arrived. He is the inspiration for Floki World and we will be creating content based around Floki with our NFT’s and Game.
⚜️ Now Elon Musk has Floki we can be certain that we will see more tweets and posts around Floki and we all know what kind of impact that had on Baby Doge!
⚜️ Daily giveaways for shilling and game contests. Active voice chats and the most active community on bsc!

⛪ 100,000,000 supply
⛪ LP for 1 year

⚓ 4% Marketing
⚓ 5% Liquidity
⚓ 3% BUSD rewards (will not be activated until 1m Mc)
So far…
- CMS Top 1-2 trending
- Manual burn of 8.4%
- Paid shill raid leaders
- Paid for 2500 Coinsniper Upvotes front page
- Submit Poocoin Ad 4k speant
- Buyback/ further burn
- Top trending CMS agai
- Submit Gem spree Ad & promoted coin
- Submit BSC / DEXTOOLS socials and logo info ( very soon)
-CQ Application
- CG fast track application (Waiting on application checks)
-More buybacks and burns
-10BNB re-up on Poocoin ads
-Hired shiller and shillraid leaders (Thanos & Rukawa)
-Setup international communities channels
-extended the liquidity lock to 1 year
-Social media airdrop to boost exposure (coming)
+New Website
+Full social media exposure
+Dextools trending/ ads
+Billboard setup in London on the way and in talks
+Billboard setup in Newyork setup underworks
+Cg application pending with 300k mc to wait for fast track guys we are bullish

⚡ Contract Address: 0x980E6389Ae490461d48b5Cc4F9aC7bEB252aF5b4
⚡ Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x980E6389Ae490461d48b5Cc4F9aC7bEB252aF5b4

⭐ Website: https://flokiworld.in/
⭐ Telegram: https://t.me/FlokiWorldEN
⭐ Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlokiWorldBSC
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2022.01.18 19:05 JustAGuyWithABow This guy didn’t even take a pee to ship out my order. 16 minutes from time of order to shipped.

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2022.01.18 19:05 1mgb Please help critique mood board and floor plan, modern new construction house in a desert setting.

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2022.01.18 19:05 itzmoknightbaby Actually, god bless Karens

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2022.01.18 19:05 Ammy7726 [For Hire] Character design/illustration

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2022.01.18 19:05 Correct_Leadership73 Correct in thinking this is male?

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2022.01.18 19:05 Bokumi If you were a character in My Little Pony, what species would you like to be?

I would be either a Unicorn or a Changeling (i love changelings, no idea why) 🤭
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2022.01.18 19:05 Funny-Common299 Can someone make a mod that adds a Sekiro-like combat system in Hollow Knight?

Sekiro's combat is amazing, and I always wished that the Hollow Knight community would make a mod that adds something like that in the game.
Is anyone willing to make it happen?
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2022.01.18 19:05 Izuzan Tread depth difference.

I have viking contact 7's on my car. Tread depth is .258" new tread depth is .3125.
I blew out the side wall in my front drivers side tire this morning.
Ive seen people say that is the tire is within 3/32 of the others it should be fine on a awd car. (Its sell within that size)
Any input ?
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2022.01.18 19:05 Himelstein Generative analog and digital gear https://weeklybeats.com/himelstein/music/mirror-of-wonder-25

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2022.01.18 19:05 kitkatt6767 Why does my guy do this

I'm in a relationship with this guy and he does something that I think is kind of weird. He's not an ugly guy he's attractive but not overly attractive or every girl's going to be staring at him.
I've noticed that when we were at the grocery store or when we're out in public also walked by and I'll notice a girl in her eyes will look directly at him in his eyes as we're walking by. But it almost seems to me like the last time she was looking at him because he was looking at her.
I noticed that he tries to make eye contact all the time with other females is this just for female validation or something it's weird to me I told him it's creepy for him to do that
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2022.01.18 19:05 MemersHyper ahahaha opinions LOLLL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🍕😂😂😂😂

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2022.01.18 19:05 grahamperrin How do you most often use the /r/freebsd subreddit?

For this subreddit:

I'm aware of five main web interfaces:
– official Reddit apps for Android and iOS, and a handful of other apps for Android.
If what you most often use is not amongst the options in the poll:
If you most often use one thing, but prefer to use something else:
For example: you might prefer using a notebook or desktop computer but realistically, you more often use a handheld device.
Reddit Enhancement Suite:
No participation:
No more than six options:
\"The more options, the better\" but no more than six!
View Poll
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2022.01.18 19:05 John_Doez_ No safety for the intolerant

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2022.01.18 19:05 Gone_Ghosting Why Does Lilith Change?

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2022.01.18 19:05 motke_

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2022.01.18 19:05 Election-Total "Stinger projectile"

More like constant projectile.
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2022.01.18 19:05 adomenicii8258 Chicken Bacon Pepper Taquitos

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2022.01.18 19:05 Septicdeath1061 Benjamin 3600 .177 lead ball / bb co2 repeater

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2022.01.18 19:05 worldnewsbot Intel To Unveil Bitcoin-mining 'Bonanza Mine' Chip at Upcoming Conference

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2022.01.18 19:05 TruthAndConversation [WTS] Mossberg 500/590 Wood Furniture (TN)

Pics/Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/XLU3rXL
Wood furniture set for a Mossberg 500/590. Does not include the mounting bolt or washers.
Asking $50 shipped goods & services
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2022.01.18 19:05 Clean_Eyes Time to pay Uncle Sam his money... Koinly and turbo tax made everything so easy!

It's that time uncle Sam comes sticking his paws in your pockets and this is my first time filing taxes with crypto Currency.
To start I decided to use Koinly because it seemed simple and easy to follow, boy was I right! They have 3 plans which consist of 1. Holder for $99 (up to 1,000 transactions, 2. Trader for $179 (up to 3,000 transactions, and 3. Pro for $279 ( up to 10,000+ transactions).
I purchased the Hodler plan and went to the tax reports tab. At the bottom it let's you download reports so I chose turbo tax online which is what I use to file by myself. The report downloads as a csv file which you're able to add into turbo tax. (link below was helpful) I would STRONGLY encourage everyone to give Koinly a try. You're able to use a great amount of it as far as connecting your exchanges to get an estimated net gain/loss without having to pay. You will need to purchase a plan if you want to download tax reports but I found it worth the buy since I used quite a few exchanges and even earned on Celsius.
Overall, last year was my introduction into crypto Currency and my net gain was $12,684. However, I do have to pay a federal tax of $2,398 and of course being from the best city ever New York I owe $893 in NY State tax for a total of $3,293... I can't be salty over having to pay taxes since I made a decent amount in profits so I'm happy.
Never had to pay such high taxes but atleast I'll be paying with my capital quick silver card on a 3% cash back promo which will net me back $98.73. Plus using Samsung pay's turbo tax offer I'll earn 12% on the filing cost for Deluxe which is $60 netting me $7.2 in samsung rewards... For those who enjoy earning cash back on everything this is for you! 🙏🏾
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